June 9, 2023 - Time to Change Gears. As many of the GLOW faithful know, GLOW AUDIO has been in business since 2006, when the iconic GLOW AUDIO Amp One was first introduced. 

Many thousands of amplifiers and speakers have since been sold, but one thing remains a constant- our commitment to making audiophile quality, high fidelity equipment AFFORDABLE for discerning customers who demand quality AND value. GLOW gear has a simple, elegant, and timeless design. 

As important as sound quality and value are, we have also emphasized build quality and durability; we often hear from original GLOW owners from 15 or more years ago that their GLOW gear is STILL performing as new after years of regular use. It is hard to find our gear on eBay and other second hand online sellers, because GLOWBIES tend to hang on to their gear, appreciating it more and more as the years go by. 

BUT ALL THINGS MUST COME TO AN END. We have made the decision to curtail any future orders of GLOW amplifiers. Instead, we will be working on developing our own line of MADE IN THE USA custom speakers.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR CUSTOMERS LOOKING FOR A QUALITY TUBE AMPLIFIER FOR THEIR AUDIO NEEDS? It means that after our current inventory is sold, there will be no new GLOW amplifiers available. The best designed, best sounding amplifiers at their respective price points will be no more!


We are already out of stock of the Amp One in Silver and White, but have remaining inventory of the Amp One in Black, All Black, Yellow and Red. We also have limited inventory of the Amp Two in both gloss black and gloss white. 

November 12, 2023 UPDATE: We have now completely sold out of our inventory of the GLOW Amp One in the evocative Ferrari Yellow color. What an amazing looking amplifier! We still have limited inventory of the Amp One in Gloss Red, All Black, and Black (silver metal front and back plates). We also have limited inventory of the GLOW Amp Two in both gloss white and gloss black finishes. 

WHY STOP NOW? This decision has been spurred by a number of factors beyond our control. Supply chain issues have made production a nightmare, costs of parts and labor have increased significantly, Covid made it nearly impossible to bring product to market, and frankly the political climate and its effects on economic relations has affected our ability to do work in China. Hence our decision to pivot to custom speaker design and build here in the USA.