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A Gallery of Photos from the GLOW Community

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Below, a lovely GLOW system in a Seattle customer's abode. Includes a GLOW Amp One, GLOW Voice One speakers in natural pine finish, and custom Audiowood speaker stands in bamboo. Incidentally her home has been featured in Apartment Therapy magazine. We're glad the GLOW system helped contribute to the very cool vibe in this customer's personal haven. As for the GLOW system, for this customer it isn't just about the good looks.... she contacted us recently to say ... "Thanks for the Great Sound."






A nice desk top system featuring a GLOW Amp One,

with GLOW DAC 1.3 (hidden behind the amp) connected to a MAC Mini and driving a pair of DIY full range speakers.




The classic look of a GLOW system integrates well with your decor.


Analog and Vinyl Delight - the GLOW Amp One mated with an Audiowood custom turntable


November 2012 - A new GLOW customer has sent us this photo of his lovely new amp in operation.





Somewhere in San Francisco GLOW Voice One speakers are performing their full range magic ......


Meanwhile in Canada......


A GLOW Amp One matched with SONIST loudspeakers, an iPad, and GRADO cans





A nice GLOW driven analog system.




Here's a great looking and energy efficient GLOW installation in a California loft.


The system features a modified GLOW Sub One and a 2008 GLOW Amp One in white.

The TV is a Vizio ECO-HD, which consumes 45% less energy than standard LCD televisions.

Matched with the energy efficient 2008 GLOW Amp One (only 38 watts power consumption), this is not just a great looking installation, it also uses much less energy than the average audio/video system. 

A custom CD/DVD player is included in the set up. Note the custom AUDIOWOOD turntable ... nice touch!

A small 3 way switch box is utilized to switch between TV, CD/DVD and Phonograph.


The Sub One's brass feet were removed and the sub was inverted, passive radiator up.

The grills were painted white to match the rest of the installation.



The designer utilizes a pair of DIY satellite speakers with 3" full range drivers in sealed bamboo enclosures.

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Below: Another custom installation featuring a GLOW system in red. Interior designers wanting to integrate great sound are noticing how a well placed GLOW system tends to complement .... and not detract from .... a home's decor.





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Below: GLOW gear matched with Barky, one of the designer turntables offered at



Awesome iPod system with Klipsch Heresys in a very artsy setting (3 photos)




An unobtrusive audio/video bedroom system featuring the GLOW Amp One, including iPod dock (2 photos below)



Amp One in Black with brushed silver face plate, a true bookshelf system (photo below)



And yet more happy GLOW owner submissions.....



The following six photographs used by permission of Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons







Below: Another Amp One in Pearl with matching Tube Cage for a compact iPod system



(3 photos)




Amp One in Black with Silver face plate, the perfect office system, connected via USB to a desktop computer (4 photos)