Replacement Speaker Drivers

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$58 per pair

We are out of stock of the original GLOW bamboo and hemp full range drivers. We searched the world over for a reasonably priced replacement driver for Voice One owners in need of new drivers. While there are a number of 3 inch full range drivers that fit within the GLOW Voice One enclosures, we consider the Fountek FE-85 driver the best choice for the unique Voice One enclosure, and the closest match to the original driver\'s signature sound.



About the Fountek FE-85: The Fountek FE-85 is a "drop in" replacement driver for the GLOW Voice One enclosure, fitting perfectly into the enclosure's mounting. The Fountek driver has a smooth, natural, open sound, with a notably clean mid-range presentation. It has excellent dispersion characteristics and delivers superior imaging when placed in the GLOW enclosures. High end extension is without strain or stridency. There is none of the upper midrange "shout" that characterizes so many full range drivers. The aluminum driver does not sound "metallic" like some metal cone drivers we have tested. In the GLOW enclosures the driver produces a fast, uncongested sound, similar to our original GLOW driver. The FE-85 has earned a deserved reputation for its flat response, and in the right enclosure, performs significantly better than its modest price would suggest. In fact, one well known audio company features the FE-85 drivers in loudspeakers that sell for $3,950 a pair.