FAQs on the 2009-2010 GLOW Amp (Series II)


We strongly recommend that you NOT use power tubes manufactured in Europe in the GLOW Amp One Series II (2009-2010). These amps have the numbers"08" in the serial number. The Series II Amp One is specifically designed around the Russian and Chinese EL84 power tubes, and features the Beijing variant of the EL84 designated the 6P14.

European EL84s (including Dutch, English, German, French) differ in design from their Chinese, Russian, former East Bloc and American counterparts in one important respect: On all European manufactured EL84s, pins 1 and 2 are connected together inside the tube envelope. Chinese, Russian, and American EL84s do not internally link pins 1 and 2. Therefore, when a European manufactured EL84 is plugged into the 09/10 GLOW amp, the additional connection within the tube envelope in the European design is likely to cause a short, and premature failure of the tube.

It is highly recommended for this reason that you NOT use European tubes in the 09/10 Amp One, as you will likely permanently damage your tube and possibly the amplifier.

All Russian (except the Russian made N709 Genalex "Gold Lion" EL84) and all Chinese manufactured EL84 tubes are compatible with the 09/10 Amp One, as are most American 6BQ5 variants. If you are not sure, before using a different tube other than the stock Beijing tube, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR TUBE SUPPLIER WHETHER PINS 1 and 2 ARE CONNECTED WITHIN THE TUBE ENVELOPE.

Our tube rolling customers have indicated that they prefer not to be precluded from using European tubes, so we have designed subsequent versions of the amp so that, like the original Amp One version I, they can operate with any make or style of EL84, 6P14, or 6BQ5 power tube. Thus, the limitation described herein is applicable ONLY to the GLOW Amp One Series II.