The 2011/2012 Series III GLOW Audio Amp One

Common Questions regarding your 2011/12 Amplifier:

My volume knob feels “scratchy” and does not turn smoothly. What’s wrong?
Each unit is tested before shipping to assure the volume knob turns smoothly. If your knob feels “scratchy” or rubs, it is because it was pushed in slightly during shipping. Fortunately an easy fix: gently but firmly grasp the knob and pull it out slightly from the chassis so that it does not rub against the frame of the faceplate. That usually does the trick!
How do I remove the tube cage?
The tube cage is attached by magnets AND two small screws located inside the tube cage near the transformer cover. A special screwdriver is included with the amplifier so that you can reach these screws through the top of the tube cage. BE CAREFUL NOT TO STRIP THE SMALL SCREWS WHEN REMOVING THEM.
My manual states “ver. 09.” Did I get the previous model?
Some of the new amplifiers received the older version of the manual. If your manual states “ver. 09” on the cover, then you have the older manual, but rest assured you have a new, 2011/12 unit. The only difference with the manuals is that the 2011/12 version states “version 1.1” on the cover. The text of the manuals is otherwise identical, except for the section on use of power tubes and the DAC description, see below.
Can I use any EL84 or 6P14 power tubes?
Yes! The previous 09/10 version was limited to using Chinese and Russian power tubes, but the 2011/12 version does not have this limitation.
What level should I set my computer volume at when using the GLOW DAC?
The 2011/12 model has a new DAC (digital to analog converter for playing music from computers). What type DAC is in the new unit?
We no longer use the C-Media DAC and incorporate the new Burr-Brown 2704 DAC. Smoother, with very stable operation. The new DAC is mated with a TDA2822 gain element and our own circuit design for a very smooth and stable sound. However, it is easy to "overdrive" the gain stage and thus cause distortion, if your computer's output is set too high. We recommend setting your computer to 50% output level as a starting point. You can adjust upwards from there, just note that with some computers, setting the computer's volume too high will cause audible distortion.