GLOW Amp One Single Ended Tube Amplifier - SPECIAL EDITION

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Take the world's best sounding single ended stereo tube amplifier, fit it with Mullard EL84 power tubes and GE 5670 driver tubes, and what do you get?

A level of awesomeness completely unobtainable from any other manufacturer at even twice the price.  


About the Special Edition Amp One: 


The GLOW AUDIO Amp One is a hifi classic, renowned for its smooth, detailed, and accurate sound and a fatigue free presentation. We are upping our game with the introduction of the GLOW AUDIO Amp One Special Edition

We have rolled about every tube combo imaginable before deciding on the Mullard EL84 and General Electric JAN 5670 as our upgrade choice for the Amp One Special Edition model.   

The Mullard power tubes add a body and depth, a creaminess and texture, that is hard to describe but easy to hear. 

The GE 5670 driver tubes provide the foundation ..... a clean, balanced, tonally accurate and somewhat dry first gain stage for the Mullard's to work their magic with.   

Of all the possible tube combinations available, we came to like this particular match up the best. We are confident you will like what you hear, too.  



NOTE: All GLOW AUDIO Amp One Special Edition models receive five hours of burn in and testing prior to shipping, so that you can be confident that your amplifier sounds its best .... right out of the box.  




The GLOW Amp One is a classic stereo tube amplifier design, with a twist - every GLOW amplifier has the option of being connected to your computer via the GLOW Audio DAC 1.3, a plug and play device designed to give you audiophile grade sound quality from any computer. This allows you to use your computer as a hifi music source, by streaming audio from the internet or playing music stored in your hard drive. (Note: As with our standard Amp One version, the GLOW Audio DAC 1.3 is being provided at no additional charge with the purchase of the GLOW Amp One Special Edition.)

The Amp One Special Edition model has the smoothest, silkiest and most detailed sound of any single ended tube amplifier at twice the price. If you have never heard a high quality tube amplifier, prepare to be startled by the subtle musical details the amp reveals. By design, single ended tube amps are low power, with high resolution.

Our promise to you: Our GLOW Amp One Special Edition will sound and perform as well as or better than equipment costing twice as much. If you don't agree, simply return within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.


The GLOW Amp One Special Edition Features:

  • Removable tube cage included with all amplifiers
  • 2 RCA source inputs (switchable)
  • Single ended (SE) Class A pentode design
  • Mullard EL84 power tubes
  • GE 5670 driver tubes
  • Ceramic Tube Sockets
  • All point-to-point wiring
  • High quality transformers
  • Minimum use of negative feedback
  • Tubes are self-biasing and never need adjusting
  • 1/4" Headphone jack
  • ALPS volume potentiometer
  • High quality binding posts
  • High Gloss Enamel paint with anti-corrosion undercoating
  • Steel chassis
  • Full one year warranty against defects
  • 115-220 V switchable, fuse protected
  • CE certified in compliance with European Economic Area (EEA) requirements


The GLOW Amp One Special Edition can be purchased in the following colors:

 Red, White, Yellow, Black and Black-on-black.




  • Speakers: 4Ω~8Ω
  • Earphone: 32Ω~600Ω
  • OUTPUT POWER: 5W x 2 at 1KHz
  • Earphone: 600mW
  • T.H.D: <1% (1W)
  • S/N: >89dB
  • USB SOUND DECODER (with optional GLOW Audio DAC ONE): 16Bit 2704decoder, USB connection
  • VACUUM TUBES: GE 5670 x 2, Mullard EL84 x 2
  • Switchable: 110V/220/230V AC, 50~60Hz
  • DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 11.5" X 5.5" X 6" (238 mm x 138 mm x 148 mm)
  • LINE IN TERMINAL: RCA stereo Connectors x 2
  • SPEAKER TERMINAL: Binding posts x 2
  • ACCESSORIES: Power cord x 1
  • HEADPHONE JACK: Stereo (6.35 mm diameter)
  • WEIGHT: Net Weight: 14.33 lbs. (6.5KG)
  • Shipping Weight: 16.5 lbs. (7.5KG)

Specifications are subject to improvement without notice or obligation.