The GLOW AUDIO Amp One..... Special Edition


Since its introduction in 2007, the GLOW AUDIO Amp One has been racking up awards..... earning an Enjoy the Music Blue Note "Best of 2008" Award, a 6 Moons "Realsization" Award, and many other accolades in just its first year on the market. Since then we have steadily improved the original amp, making incremental improvements but keeping the amp affordable.  


Today, the hand assembled GLOW AUDIO Amp One is considered by many hifi enthusiasts to be THE best sounding single ended stereo tube amplifier under $1,000.


Or is it?


One nice thing about a tube amplifier is that you can customize the sound of your amp to suit your taste, simply by replacing the stock tubes with tubes from other manufacturers. 

While the GLOW AUDIO Amp One sounds simply amazing right out of the box with the stock Beijing EL84 and 6n3 tubes, we are excited to offer a Special Edition of our renowned giant killer with a tube complement that is certain to make an impression. 

THE GLOW Amp One Special Edition comes loaded with the magnificent sounding Mullard EL84 power tubes, and the remarkable little General Electric JAN 5670W driver tubes.


Find out how to acquire the GLOW AUDIO Amp One SPECIAL EDITION HERE


How does it sound?

We tested a number of power/driver tube combinations, and this particular pairing really sounds extraordinary. While the stock tubes are quite good, we can say that the Special Edition tubes sound noticeably different in a way that is hard to quantify, but easy to discern.

You definitely get the sound signature that has made Mullard tubes famous. The Mullard EL84 re-issue is a copy of the original British tube, with black plates, carbonized screens, and gold plated grids. Loaded into the GLOW Amp One, the Mullard tubes translate the music accurately, with a creamy smooth and lively delivery. Engaging.... and mesmerizing.  

With the GE 5670W driver tubes, you get a detailed, clean and dry sound, a good complement to the creamy smooth sound of the Mullard power tubes. 

 So there you have it. Our first Special Edition offering. You will love what you hear from this unit, we guarantee it. 




Order your GLOW AUDIO Amp One Special Edition below.... it comes pre-loaded with the Mullard power tubes and GE 5670w driver tubes. To make sure the sound is dialed in and the tubes are sounding as they should, each order receives 5 hours of testing and burn in before shipping from our California warehouse.  


the GLOW AUDIO Amp One Special Edition